[kepler-dev] [Bug 2343] - add welcome screen for release 1.0

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Fri Feb 10 12:39:07 PST 2006


------- Additional Comments From ldowney at lternet.edu  2006-02-10 12:39 -------
for the record -- meant this to go the list but somehow I replied 

I expected step 4 (of the original set of steps presented) to open in the 
blank graph frame, not open another window and insert the workflow.

But just to be very clear here....

1.  user starts kepler and blank graph frame appears with SPLASH screen in 

2.  after initialization, splash screen disappears on its own and welcome 
window appears

3.  user dismisses welcome window at their discretion

4.  user wants to load an existing workflow so chooses file-open and an 
existing workflow appears in the current blank graph frame

5.  if user opens another existing workflow or chooses to create a new 
workflow, then another graph frame opens and either loads with the existing 
workflow or appears blank for a new workflow... and so on

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