[kepler-dev] Questions for adding new actors

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Feb 6 15:52:31 PST 2006

Yeah, we should add that to the README too.  Can you add that?  You  
can figure it out easily by building kepler then looking in  
the .kepler/cache/cacheobjects directory for the largest lsid filename.


On Feb 6, 2006, at 3:47 PM, Zhijie Guan wrote:

> Hi, Chad,
> Thanks! One more question:
> The kar lsid is not recorded in README file. How do I know which is  
> the
> largest lsid?  Must this lsid be unique for any kar file? It seems  
> the kar
> files is alphabetically indexed according to their names. It's hard  
> to add
> a new actor directory following the alphabetical index -- I must  
> change
> all the lsid(s) in Manifest files for all the actors alphabetically
> "larger" than the new actor.
> ~Zhijie
> On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Chad Berkley wrote:
>> Hi Zhijie,
>> You have to add your actor to src/actors with unique lsids, then run
>> 'ant buildkarlib' to create the kar file and add it to the kar
>> library.  The 'entityId' lsid is kept track of in the README file.
>> Don't worry about the class lsid as it's not being used right now.
>> The important ones are the kar lsid (in the manifest) and the
>> entityId (in the actor metadata file and the manifest).  If you add
>> another actor, please update the README file and check it in.
>> chad
>> On Feb 6, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Zhijie Guan wrote:
>>> Hi, All,
>>> Does anybody know how to add new actors into Kepler now?
>>> I know I should create a directory for the new actor under
>>> $KEPLER/src/actors. And there should be two files (ActorName.xml and
>>> MANIFEST.MF) in that directory. My question is if those two files  
>>> are
>>> automatically generated by the system? If yes, how to let the system
>>> generate them? If no, how to manually write them?
>>> I notice there are two index lsid numbers in ActorName.xml: one  
>>> is the
>>> index number for actor, the other is for the actor class. For
>>> example, the
>>> "Add Grids" actor has 446 as its actor index number, and 1209 as
>>> its class
>>> index number. Are these index numbers unique in all of the actors
>>> used in
>>> Kepler? If so, how can I find the largest index number for actors
>>> thus I
>>> can use the next available number for my new actor? Should we write
>>> those
>>> largest index numbers on some place (like Readme.txt) so we can  
>>> easily
>>> access them?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Zhijie
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