[kepler-dev] Questions for adding new actors

Zhijie Guan guan at sdsc.edu
Mon Feb 6 14:39:25 PST 2006

Hi, All,

Does anybody know how to add new actors into Kepler now?

I know I should create a directory for the new actor under
$KEPLER/src/actors. And there should be two files (ActorName.xml and
MANIFEST.MF) in that directory. My question is if those two files are
automatically generated by the system? If yes, how to let the system
generate them? If no, how to manually write them?

I notice there are two index lsid numbers in ActorName.xml: one is the
index number for actor, the other is for the actor class. For example, the
"Add Grids" actor has 446 as its actor index number, and 1209 as its class
index number. Are these index numbers unique in all of the actors used in
Kepler? If so, how can I find the largest index number for actors thus I
can use the next available number for my new actor? Should we write those
largest index numbers on some place (like Readme.txt) so we can easily
access them?



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