[kepler-dev] Question about modifying actor structure using ontology.owl

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Feb 6 09:50:43 PST 2006

Hi Karen,

The file you need to alter is actually in the /kepler/configs/ptolemy/ 
configs/kepler/ontologies directory.  Add your category to the  
keplerActorOntology.owl file and it should show up.  You'll probably  
need to nuke your .kepler dir again before you start kepler.  That  
ontology.owl file was used in our old ontology system and should now  
be removed.

let me know if this doesn't work.


On Feb 3, 2006, at 3:31 PM, Karen L Schuchardt wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm getting started with kepler actor development and would like to
> create my own categories/grouping of actors in  tree structure of the
> graph editor.  It looks like ontology.owl controls the structure of  
> the
> tree so I copied the ConstantActor and made a new entry from it.
> However when I restart kepler, it doesn't show up.  Since I'm not sure
> what the build process does with ontology.owl, I did a full-clean and
> also removed my .kepler directory and rebuilt it.  I do have an actor
> that I assigned to that category in case empty entries are removed at
> run-time.  Could somebody point me to some documentation on how this
> works or give my some tips?
> Thanks,
> Karen
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