[kepler-dev] Integrating cog-4.1.3 services as actors in kepler ........

Zhijie Guan guan at sdsc.edu
Thu Feb 2 13:04:19 PST 2006

hi, Jagan,

Just a kind reminder. The current Kepler includes at least the following 
three cog-related jars in $KEPLER/lib/jar:


When you add in the new cog-4.1.3.jar, please make sure it does not 
conflict with those "old" jar files. Some actors uses those old jar files. 
You may not get any problem when you compile those actors with the new 
jar, but running those actors may cause errors. Just be very careful not 
breaking the old actors/workflows when you check in new jars.

Actually there are some "old" jar files existing in Kepler that needed to 
be updated. Updating those jars without breaking the old actors/workflows 
is still an interesting topic in Kepler group. Anybody has any 


On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Ilkay Altintas wrote:

> Hi Jagan,
> Please ignore the first sentence below. I just realized it's not right.
> You can check the actors as usual.
> -ilkay
> On Feb 1, 2006, at 9:05 AM, Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>> Hi Jagan,
>> The actors should be under separate directories under
>> $KEPLER/src/actorname/actorname.java according to the new directory
>> hierarchy.
>> For the jars, it would be nice if you could have version names instead
>> of creating a new directory for them. Will the jars require deleting of
>> some old jars? Are they duplicate?
>> Thanks,
>> -ilkay
>> On Jan 31, 2006, at 10:33 PM, jagan wrote:
>>> Hello Ilkay,
>>>        For Griddles purpose, I have used cog-4.1.3 for submitting jobs
>>> to remote gt4 and gt2 resources in addition to the current web service
>>> invocation mechanism from the same interface.
>>> At same time I have added some more actors for other cog services
>>> such as GridFTP and executing cog workflow with in kepler workflow.
>>> The scientists will have access to
>>> all these service from the Kepler without installing cog separately.
>>> It looks jar files are very much different to previous cog jar files
>>> that are integrated into the Kepler. Even after adding new
>>> jar files, I can able to run newly created actors without any error
>>> messages.
>>> I have created separate (cog-4_1_3) directory under $KEPLER/lib/jar
>>> for storing jar files that are needed in Kepler from cog-4.1.3.
>>> I am planning to commit new actors and jar files into kepler cvs
>>> repository.
>>> Could you mind to advise about these additions?
>>> with regards,
>>> Jagan Kommineni
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