[kepler-dev] FW: KEPLER (PIW and Web Services)

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Aug 16 11:56:05 PDT 2006


I replied to Eduard this morning -- Ilkay should be able to provide 
details when she gets the email.


Edward A. Lee wrote:
> Hmm... I don't know anything about these web services.
> I've cc'd the Kepler team in case someone can help...
> Edward
> At 05:43 AM 8/16/2006, you wrote:
>>Dear  Eduard,
>>I’m still using Kepler (alpha 9) because there’s 
>>a very interesting WF sample (PIW – Promoter 
>>Identification workflow). I’d like to continue 
>>to use some Web services to finish my project, 
>>but the web services (bellow) seems to be 
>>stopped. Would you mind enable then? Can you help me?
>>I also noted that on the newer version of Kepler 
>>the full PIW sample is absent.  Tthere’s 
>>(smaller) sample workflow that refers to the same Web services.?
>>Thanks in advance
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