[kepler-dev] Generated Actor docs not corresponding to application?

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Aug 2 13:41:17 PDT 2006

    Yes, something definitely seem 'amiss'. Kepler's actor list should 
include an entry corresponding to each of the *.kar files in the 
$KEPLER/kars directory. The Windows OS says there are 348 kar files! (or 
348 actors), Unfortunately, I do not know why this number is different 
from Nandita's html list.

Dan Higgins

kirsten menger wrote:
> Hi-
> It appears that the nightly list of generated HTML actor docs 
> (http://kepler-project.org/nightly/docResults/generatedHTMLPages/FinalDeveloperDocumentation.html) 
> is not corresponding to the list of actors contained in the 
> application ontology.
> For example, none of the Nimrod or Soaplab actors appear in the 
> generated list. I couldn't find EML2Dataset or BinaryFileReader 
> actors, either.
> The list of actors I put together from the application ontology 
> contains well over 200 actors. The generated list contains about 120 
> actors. Is something amiss?
> kirsten
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