[kepler-dev] remote display of Kepler & drag&drop

Wibke Sudholt wibke at oci.unizh.ch
Wed Apr 26 02:28:30 PDT 2006

Hi everybody,

Just a small comment about this topic from my side: Some time beginning of
this year (I don't know if something changed in the meantime) I also tried
to run Kepler remotely via ssh (100 Mbit/s connection) from a Linux box
(with Kepler) to a Mac (with the display) and it turned out to be very slow,
so that it was impossible for me to work like this (though I don't remember
if I also experienced the same specific problem as described below).
However, I routinely run another Java program (Eclipse) in a similar
setting, which is a little slower than running it locally, but I can still
work without problems. It would considerably ease my (and probably also
other people's) work when it would also be realistically possible to run
Kepler remotely via ssh, since at least for the Resurgence project several
external codes need to be installed (Nimrod, GAMESS etc.) that you often
only want to have installed on a server and not on user machines. Also, it
would make it easier for users to apply Kepler, since they would not
necessarily need to install it on their local machines before being able to
start playing :-)

Just my two cents,


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On 25.4.2006 20:18 Uhr, "Norbert Podhorszki" <pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu>

> Hi,
> I am trying to use Kepler on a very remote machine, going in with ssh -X
> (through an intermediate machine).
> In such extremely awfully unbearably slow circumstances, dragging the
> actors from the tree to the display does not work.
> Had anyone such experience? Is this kepler specific, or java awt issue?
> Dragging the actors of a workflow on the screen works - although there is
> no one in the world who can wait for it, except me.
> In a similar silly testing - going to a remote machine and come back using
> ssh -X  - running kepler on my own machine behaves similarly. However, the
> dragging looks like working: the icon of dragging appears on screen. But
> the drop part does not work.
> Any idea, how to use Kepler remotely?
> Thanks
> Norbert

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