[kepler-dev] composite actors in the actor tree

Zhijie Guan guan at sdsc.edu
Mon Apr 24 10:09:02 PDT 2006

Hi All,

Does anybody know how to add a composite actor into the actor tree on  
the left of the Vergil interface?

I know the way to add a new actor into that actor tree index. But I  
need to use a composite actor frequently in constructing workflows.  
Currently I can only open an existing workflow containing that  
composite actor, select that actor, copy-and-paste it to the new  
workflow. It is inconvenient to both of me (as a workflow designer)  
and the workflow users. Since our Kepler provides the approach (the  
composite actor) to create hierarchical workflows, I am wondering if  
it has any methods to store the composite actor as a functional atom.



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