[kepler-dev] Problems for closing unchanged workflows

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 11 16:40:55 PDT 2006

I think I know why this is happening (and may be indirectly to blame :-)

As part of the new svg rendering, it is necessary to update/redraw the 
workflow canvas, which I do by issuing an empty ChangeRequest to get the 
canvas to update itself.

However, I think the listener that monitors changes must be treating 
this change request is an actual change (even though it is empty) - so 
it thinks the WF has been changed.

So... we need to either come up with a way of updating/redrawing the 
canvas without using empty change requests (which, I believe Christopher 
and Edward said wasn't a good way to do it anyway), or we need to alter 
the listener so it doesn't count an empty change request as an actual 
change. Or both.


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Matt Jones wrote:
> Definitely.  I've noticed this too.  Please go ahead and fix it and let 
> us know how it goes.  If you can't fix it now you might enter a bug for 
> it so that it gets done eventually.  thanks for catching this.
> Matt
> Zhijie Guan wrote:
>> Hi, All,
>> I am not sure if it is a problem. Just to present here to see if  
>> anyone gets the same feeling with me.
>> If I open a workflow in Kepler, and I close it immediately without  
>> making any changes, the system will prompt me to "cancel/discard  
>> changes/save" the workflow. It seems the system does not know if I  
>> made changes to the workflow -- it is just to be polite to remind me  
>> to save the workflow. While I usually appreciate the reminder,  
>> sometimes I feel annoying to save an unchanged workflow. I know MS  
>> word sometimes does the same thing (force the user to save unchanged  
>> doc) for long documentations. But can we make our Keper a little bit  
>> smarter than M$ Word? ;-)
>> Our Kepler do behave differently from Word on the  "Save As"  
>> operation. If I open workflow A and save it as workflow B using the  
>> "save as" operation, Kepler actually keeps the window for A open and  
>> initialize a new window for B. As you can expect, when you close the  
>> window B that you just "saved as" without making any changes, the  
>> system will pop up a dialog to remind you to save it. Kepler will  
>> also give you the opportunity to save the original workflow A though  
>> you did not even touch it after the "save as".
>> I am not sure how hard it would be to fix these problems, if necessary.
>> Thanks!
>> Zhijie
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