[kepler-dev] Reg. ptolemy Jar files

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 11 10:20:10 PDT 2006

Hi Sivagowri,
Kepler does not use ptolemy.backtrack, so that can be excluded.
A Ptolemy developer is actively developing in ptolemy.backtrack,
so we are seeing a few errors.  I'll take a look at the backtrack

The fastest way to get started with Kepler is to grab a snapshot.
The second fastest way is to install ant and then follow the
instructions in kepler/INSTALL.  This builds a subset of Ptolemy
and Kepler.  If you go with this way and find bugs in INSTALL,
please let us know.  I think the problem you are seeing is that 
either you have not installed ant from 
or it is not in your path or $ANT_HOME is not set.
Your path should include $ANT_HOME/bin

The third fastest way is to set up Eclipse.  

Briefly answering your questions:
ptolemy.jar is the Kepler specific ptolemy jar file.  It should be
renamed ptcore.jar or ptkepler.jar or something.  ptolemy.jar is
usually built by running (cd $KEPLER; ant ptolemy).

I'll take a look at why configure is crapping out with Java3D.

Gotta run.

    Hi Matt and christopher
    Thanks for your feed back. I deleted the whole ptlemy files, got a fresh 
    copy from CVS and found that the .classpath.default exists in the PTII 
    directory. I used Eclipse and created the project and built it.
    I had only one error in the package ptolemy.backtrack.plugin.util 
    getRefactoredFile method:
    This method was using java String class' replace method for replacing two 
    Strings whereas the replace method is only for characters.
    after getting around from this, I was able to build ptolemy. The buld was 
    successful but unfortunately, I got all the jars in the PTII\lib directory 
    except for ptolemy.jar and ptolemy-doc.jar.
    I even ran ptolemy from the eclipse environment and it worked fine.
    am I missing anything? why doesnt the ptolemy.jar file get built even thoug
    the build was successful?
    Then I tried cygwin method.
    I typed ./configure and again I got the same two errors regarding the 
    installation of  java3d and quicktime. Not sure why configure did not 
    exclude the ptolemy.domains.gr and the othe rdirectories.
    I tried to use ant ptolemy by
    cd $kepler as well as $PTII but I got an error saying, command not found.
    so right now, I want to use the eclipse method to get ptolemy built, so as 
    to get kepler built.
    can you please help me out of this situation? I have a deadline by tomorrow
    >From: "Christopher Brooks" <cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu>
    >To: "Sivagowri Swaminathan" <sivagowri at hotmail.com>
    >CC: kepler-dev at ecoinformatics.org
    >Subject: Re: [kepler-dev] Reg. ptolemy Jar files Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 
    >08:10:31 -0700
    >Hi Sivagowri,
    >To build ptolemy for kepler, you need to run
    >   cd $KEPLER
    >   ant ptolemy
    >To build ptolemy in Eclipse, see
    >   http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptexternal/nightly/doc/coding/eclipse.ht
    >Basically, you should be able to copy
    >   $PTII/.classpath.in to .classpath.default
    >   Install cygwin and run configure.
    >There are probably Eclipse instructions for Kepler
    >on the Kepler site, I did not look.
    > > My question is, cant we not just get the jar files of ptolemy from CVS 
    > > some other source, instead of building from scratch?
    >You could try one of the prebuilt kepler builds.
    >As to checking in jar files, in principle this could be done, but it
    >would consume time to set up and disk space.  It is better for
    >people to use the snapshots, which are more likely to actually work.
    >To me, the problem is that I want to run the latest version
    >of both Kepler and Ptolemy, so prebuilt Ptolemy jar files would
    >not help.
    > >    1.should I have to install java3d and quicktime?
    >No, you need not install these.
    >When building Ptolemy, configure should have properly excluded
    >the ptolemy.domains.gr directory if Java3D was not found.  If
    >quicktime is not found, then ptolemy.domains.gr.lib.quicktime
    >gets excluded.  I'll take a look.
    >Use the regular Eclipse way of excluding files and directories
    >from the classpath
    >For Kepler, the easiest thing is to run
    >     ant ptolemy
    > >    2. I got all the remaining jars in ptii\lib directory but not 
    > >    and ptolemy-doc.jar is there any way I could make it to build?
    >The Kepler ant build copies files and then jars them, which I find
    >very slow.  It would be a really nice if there was an easy way to use 
    >with a Ptolemy tree without build the jar files.  I've hacked up the
    >ant build files to do this, but had various problems with classpaths
    >so not checked in my changes.
    >So, if you want to build Kepler, you need to run
    >     ant ptolemy
    >Christopher Brooks (cxh at eecs berkeley edu) University of California
    >Programmer/Analyst Chess/Ptolemy/Trust        US Mail: 558 Cory Hall #1770
    >ph: 510.643.9841 fax:510.642.2739	      Berkeley, CA 94720-1770
    >home: (F-Tu) 707.665.0131 (W-F) 510.655.5480  (office: 400A Cory)
    >     Hi all
    >     I am trying to set up the kepler development environment in my machin
    >     home.(windows XP)
    >     I noticed that you need Ptolemy jar files in the eclipse environment 
    >     kepler to build. I downloaded ptolemy from CVS and found that there i
    >     .classpath.default file at all.
    >     Without losing hope, I installed cygwin (after 2-3 tries) and typed
    >     ./configure
    >     It produced 2 errors relating to java 3D and java Quicktime 
    >     I am not using eclipse, as it produced too much errors.
    >     My question is, cant we not just get the jar files of ptolemy from CV
    >     some other source, instead of building from scratch?
    >     1.should I have to install java3d and quicktime?
    >     2. I got all the remaining jars in ptii\lib directory but not 
    >     and ptolemy-doc.jar is there any way I could make it to build?
    >     It would be really helpful for me if somebody could answer this email
    >     tomorrow, as I have to show a demo on wednesday.
    >     Thanx
    >     Siva
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