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Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 6 14:30:27 PDT 2006

    At least part of the Parameter display problem is due to the way the 
parameters are created in the code. For example,  the code has the line

        _outputTypeAttr = new StringParameter(this, "outputType");

This is a mistake according to Edward because the string 'outputType' 
does not match the name '_outputTypeAttr', so a new StringParameter 
named 'outputType' is created while your documentation is tied to the 
'_outputTypeAttr' variable.
 The correct way is to use 2 lines

        _outputTypeAttr = new StringParameter(this, "_outputTypeAttr");

I made that one change and the documentation does then show up. There 
are several places in the EML200DataSource actor where we need to set 
the DisplayName properly.


Matt Jones wrote:

>I updated the EML200DataSource documentation this morning to try to show 
>what I thought would be a good level of granularity for the actor 
>documentation.  It now displays in Kepler if you run 'ant generateDoc' 
>before you run 'ant run-dev'.   However, for some reason the Parameter 
>documentation does not display -- it just says "No description".  Any 
>idea of how to fix this? The 'trigger' and 'output' ports inherited from 
>the superclass also show up as 'No port description', but I think you 
>already knew about that issue.
>Nandita's HTML version of the actor docs shows all of the documentation, 
>including the Parameter docs. However, it ignores the HTML formatting 
>that I embedded.  It seems it would be nice to be able to deal with that 
>because we need a way to provide some formatting in longer documentation 
>sections.  The html tags are probably being escaped in the XML output 
>and so probably are not being recognized by the XSLT processor.  Nandita 
>-- what do you think?
>Jing -- can you review the EML200DataSource documentation for content to 
>be sure I didn't make any mistakes -- I pretty much rewrote it all. Thanks.
>Dan Higgins wrote:
>>   You may be interested in just seeing the list of actors currently in 
>>Kepler that were created at NCEAS under SEEK. [May be incomplete.]
>>Actors created by NCEAS
>>-- Dan Higgins --
>>-- Chad --

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