[kepler-dev] Request for adding documentation on Kepler Actors

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 30 19:59:36 PST 2005


BTW, I think it's now called the 'KAR' library (even though things
might still be called KSW here and there ;-)


>>> On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 17:08:56 -0800 (PST)
>>> nmangal at sdsc.edu wrote: 
n> Hello Kepler-Developers,
n> For implementing Kepler documentation framework, we have implemented xslt
n> processors which based on actorList.moml and
n> actor kar files produce respective html MAN pages for all kepler actors.
n> However the current MAN pages ,which are
n> similar to javadoc in formatting , are currently lacking the main
n> function/purpose of the actor and authors etc.
n> I request all Kepler developers to kindly add the above information in 3-4
n> lines on their respective actor's entities , to help the Kepler MAN pages
n> be
n> even more helpful for Kepler users and beginners. We are trying to
n> incorporate the above MAN pages for the upcoming Kepler release.
n> Kindly follow the following steps to add documentation to your actor MAN
n> pages:
n> 1) Get an CVS updated version of actorList.moml
n>    (configs\ptolemy\configs\kepler)
n> 2) For each actor entity that you have recently developed or in the past
n> add the following XML information
n>    under the "documentation" property
n>    Sample Constant Actor Entity Documentation:
n>     <!-- Documentation regarding the actor's overall functionality. -->
n>   <property name="documentation"
n> class="org.kepler.moml.DocumentationAttribute">
n>     <configure>
n>     <description><brief>Produces a constant value on each fire
n> cycle.</brief>  The constant value is set by the user as
n>                  a parameter of the actor, or defaults to an integer value
n> of 1 if unset.
n>     </description>
n>     <algorithm>Examines the &quot;value&quot; parameter and emits it on
n> the ouput port during each fire event.</algorithm>
n>     <typicalUsage>Used to parameterize other models that take constant
n> values as inputs.</typicalUsage>
n>     <author>Yuhong Xiong</author>
n>     <author>Edward A. Lee</author>
n>     <project>Ptolemy II</project>
n>     </configure>
n>   </property>
n> 3) Build the KSW library , Kepler to make sure there was so invalid
n> XML/other errors.
n> 4) Check in the actorList.moml files into CVS.
n> You are free to add additional nodes under the root configure node to
n> further describe your actor.
n> If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at
n> nmangal at sdsc.edu
n> Thank you for your co-operation.
n> Sincerely,
n> Nandita Mangal.
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