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Wed Nov 16 18:46:46 PST 2005

hello Dan,

The XML file for constant Actor on Kepler Documentation Framework website
is the currently suggested way for adding documentation information for the
actors in Kepler.

An implemented XSLT processor takes all the actor xml metadata files (in
Kar/actors jar
files ) and then produces well-formatted HTML MAN pages for all the actors.
Also using actorList.moml it produces a list of available concepts and
actors in
Kepler HTML page (all actors individual MAN pages can be accessed by
clicking on the
hyperlinks on the above page).The format is similar to javadocs.

Hence the basic XSLT processor to produce the MAN pages and documentation
structure is implemented however,the current issue that I am working on is
to add documentation information to the actorList.moml files (in the form of
documentation attributes) . Such that when KSWCreator creates the KSW library
and thereby the respective actor metadata files, the XML files have much
more documentation
information in them than they currently do now. This way those actor
metadata files
produced under kar/actors can help create more helpful and detailed MAN

To Be Done:
To do the above I would have to ask all the actor authors in Kepler to
add documentation attributes in the actorList.moml file (to create detailed
actor moml files). I would post the above on Keplerdev soon
(with a sample working detailed entry in the actorList.moml file)/also
asking for other suggestions on the issue etc.
The level of detail/areas of documentation suggested for the above can be
also seen in the ConstanActor file on the KeplerDocumentationFramework.

If you have more questions,please free to email me.

nmangal at sdsc.edu

> Nandita: Could you please answer this question...
> Thanks!
> -ilkay
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>> From: Chad Berkley <berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu>
>> Date: November 16, 2005 9:44:25 AM PST
>> To: Dan Higgins <higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu>
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>> Subject: Re: [kepler-dev] Actor documentation
>> There's no working example, but Nandita is working on this stuff right
>> now.  Maybe she can give you a better idea of where this currently
>> stands.
>> chad
>> Dan Higgins wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>     I am a bit confused about actor documentation. Is the XML example
>>> at
>>>  http://kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=KeplerDocumentationFramework
>>> the format that we are supposed to use for actor 'manual pages'?
>>> Is that XML going to be included in the MOML?  Is there a DTD/Schema?
>>> (e.g. the <property> entity has <description>, <algorithm>,
>>> <typicalUsage>, <author>, and <project> children, but is that all?
>>> what
>>> is cardinality?
>>> Is there an example that implements this yet? ie displays the XML doc
>>> in
>>> a nice format with the Documentation menu item is clicked?
>>> Dan
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