[kepler-dev] IMPORTANT: Kepler CVS Repository to be Split on Monday 11/14/05

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Nov 10 16:11:16 PST 2005


We are proposing to remove the "kepler/docs" directory from the "kepler" 
CVS module, and move its contents to a new CVS module, named 
"kepler-docs", on Monday morning, 11/14/05.

The reason for this change is that the docs directory contains many 
extremely large files which are not required by the kepler build, yet 
which still need to be maintained and versioned in CVS.

After the change, you can continue to check out the kepler module from 
CVS and build it exactly as you do now. However, to see the 
documentation that is currently under kepler/doc (such as presentations, 
usability documents, design documents etc), you will have to check out 
the separate "kepler-docs" CVS module ($ cvs co kepler-docs ).

After the change, any new documentation that is not part of the build 
must be checked into "kepler-docs", *not* "kepler".

If anyone has a compelling reason why this change should not be 
implemented, please respond immediately


It was decided that creating a separate kepler-docs repository would 
cause fewer problems than the alternative, which was to add a top-level 
split *within* the kepler repository (resulting in "kepler/dev/..." and 
"kepler/docs/...") - since the latter would break the existing ant build 
and the project configurations in developers' IDE environments.

We are aware that the build currently references subdirectories of 
kepler/docs/user/docbook.  This docbook directory will be relocated to 
kepler/src/doc/docbook, alongside the existing doclets and taglets 



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