[kepler-dev] nddp.org classes committed; support for assert added to build.xml

Timothy McPhillips tmcphillips at mac.com
Fri May 27 15:02:48 PDT 2005


I just committed a number of classes and other files to the Kepler 
repository.  The files are under kepler/src/org/nddp and 
kepler/lib/nddp.  Note that the org.nddp actors are a little different 
from many in the repository because they operate on streams of tokens 
structured into nested collections using opening and closing delimiter 
tokens inserted into the data streams.  I can provide more information 
to anyone who would like to try out these actors before I commit the 

Some of these classes use the Java assert keyword (see 
http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/lang/assert.html).  I have 
changed the javac and javadoc tasks in build.xml accordingly (by adding 
the attribute, source="1.4").  If these changes cause problems I can 
fall back to using exceptions.

If you use Eclipse, the org.nddp classes will not build unless you 
configure the compiler to allow the assert keyword.  In Eclipse 3 you 
can do this by going to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler -> 
Compliance and Classfiles (or to the project-specific equivalent) and 
specifying the following settings:

   Compiler compliance level:  1.4
   Use default compliance settings:  unchecked
   Generated .class files compatibility:  1.4
   Source compatibility:  1.4
   Disallow identifiers called 'assert':  Error



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