[kepler-dev] Metadata Gneration in kepler

Jing Tao tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu May 26 14:47:03 PDT 2005

Hi, everyone:

In some workflows, e.g. GARP, it needs to upload generated data into 
EcoGrid service. So we need an actor which can write data back to 
EcoGrid. This actor not only function as uploading data to ecogrid, but 
also as a GUI for user to annotate metadata for data.

Here is some though about this actor:
1) Which metadata language we should choose? My thought is use EML as 
statndard metadata language. If user want to another one, an xslt file 
will transfer EML to it.

2)If we want to use EML as standard metadata language, we can borrow 
some code(e.g. datapackage wizard) from Morpho. Howerver, the code need 
some modification for kepler. There are two possible approach for this 
modification. First to copy some morpho source code to  kepler source 
tree and modify in there. Second  to modify code in morpho source three 
and put morpho jar file into kepler lib.  The first approache somehow 
duplicate code but devopler can concerntrate in keper(don't worry about 
morpho). I personally like the second approach because it would not 
duplicate code.

Any comment and suggestion will be appreciated.


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