[kepler-dev] [Ptolemy] News from Cape Code

Adam Cataldo acataldo at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 19 08:30:24 PDT 2005

This looks great!  Thanks Edward.

Edward A. Lee wrote:
> I've checked in to Ptolemy II and Diva a change that addresses a major
> usability limitation that has bothered me for some time: the fact
> that you cannot tell the order in which connections are made to
> multiports. With this change, multiports now show distinct connections
> in order.  I've attached a gif image of a rather complicated set
> of interconnections to illustrate how this looks... Note that despite
> the considerable complexity in the wiring in this diagram, you can
> tell where everything goes and in what order the links are made to ports.
> Christopher: Can you update the diva jar file?  Thanks.
> Edward
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