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Very interesting and nicely done.  So is the "first" connection the one in
the middle of the multiport and from there you just follow the slant?

Also, what does the slash line through the relation and the number next to
it mean?  Is this part of what you and Bertram were discussing earlier about

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I've checked in to Ptolemy II and Diva a change that addresses a major
usability limitation that has bothered me for some time: the fact
that you cannot tell the order in which connections are made to
multiports. With this change, multiports now show distinct connections
in order.  I've attached a gif image of a rather complicated set
of interconnections to illustrate how this looks... Note that despite
the considerable complexity in the wiring in this diagram, you can
tell where everything goes and in what order the links are made to ports.

Christopher: Can you update the diva jar file?  Thanks.


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