[kepler-dev] Preliminary Kepler-1.0.0alpha7 version

Efrat Frank efrat at ucsd.edu
Sun Jul 10 23:41:58 PDT 2005

Hi Dan, 

I'm getting a stackOverflow exception for loading a lot of workflows. I have no idea what's causing it.

Please wait until the end of the day tomorrow before you make the release official.


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Hi All,

    There is a preliminary version of the kepler alpha7 release at 
http://kepler-project.org/dist/ in the kepler-1.0.0alpha.zip file. If 
you want to test it out, just unzip it and run kepler.bat (Windows) or 
kepler.sh (Mac or Linux). [It is assumed that java is installed.]

    Interestingly enough, the alpha7 .zip file is about 15 MB larger 
than the alpha6 version, even though the uncompressed directory is about 
100MB smaller! (The very large GARP data sets have been replaced by much 
smaller example data files, but we have added a number of additional 
documentation files which apparently do not compress very much.)


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