[kepler-dev] README vs README.txt

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Jul 10 12:02:09 PDT 2005

Hi Dan,

I noticed that Kepler has a few README files that do not
have the .txt extension.

Perhaps these should be changed to README.txt files so
that Windows users can mouse on them and view them in notepad
or what ever they have bound to the .txt extension.

I know that it drives Windows users like Edward nuts when they can't
view the docs by clicking on the file.

Note that for this to work, the line endings of the files need to have
Windows line endings.  Several previous source releases of Ptolemy
were built under Unix so the sources had Unix line endings.  When a
user under Windows clicked on a README.txt file with Unix line endings
and notepad came up, the text would be all one line.

My solution (hack) to this is to build the source distribution under
both Unix and Windows.  The Unix source distribution file is a .tar.gz
file, the Windows file is a .zip file.

Anyway, just a suggestion.  I use emacs under Windows, so it does not
affect me :-)


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