[kepler-dev] Need Help from the Ptolemy Folks

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 27 14:50:58 PST 2005

If the change to the port is made via the requestChange() method
with a MoMLChangeRequest, then the repaint should happen automatically.
If it is not made via the requestChange() method, then it is likely done
wrong and will cause problems if the change is made while the model
is running...

I seem to recall having answered this before (spam filters?).


At 12:52 PM 1/27/2005 -0600, Rod Spears wrote:
>I sent this question out a while back but didn't really get answer to help 
>me solve the problem, so I will ask again.
>We configure our port dynamically after the actor is dropped onto the 
>canvas and the new port do not paint until the actor is clicked on and 
>dragged or if a different actor is dropped onto the canvas.
>I think the real question is: How do I invalidate an actor and cause a 
>"paint" to happen so all the ports are drawn or redrawn?
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