[kepler-dev] Web services and SRW

Fabio Corubolo f.corubolo at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Aug 25 04:37:42 PDT 2005


> Fabio,
> Welcome to the project!

Thank you!

> a suitable solution.  The problem arises in how to marshal and unmarshal
> arbitrary XML structures into Ptolemy types without any previous
> knowledge of the mapping between the XML Schema and ptolemy types.  Most
> web service engines handle this by allowing the user to configure stub
> classes to a serializer/deserializer -- but this is cheating in that the
> web services actor is supposed to work with only the WSDL as input
> information.  So...ideas are welcome, and several people are thinking
> about the issue and trying to solve it, but for now we are finding it
> somewhat difficult.

I understand that, in fact the SRW WSDL uses complex types, so I am 
creating an actor that will do the necessary steps and possibly use the 
Explain operation to gather information about the indexes.
This clarifies the situation.

> PS Some of your bindings and encodings may also introduce problems, but
> we'll need to talk to Ilkay about that when she returns from vacation.

I am just getting started on this, so I will gain more experience 
working on it...
For now, I managed to compile the SRW proxy using the original bindings 
fro SRW and the Axis 1.1 included in Kepler, but these generate some 
error when run in Java 5 (they work fine with java 1.4).

Best wishes

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