[kepler-dev] Duplications of actors when searching the actor tree

Jianting Zhang jzhang at lternet.edu
Thu Aug 18 16:58:42 PDT 2005

I understand an actor can be classified under multiple concepts, say a GIS
actor and an output actor. But an output GIS actor can not be an input GIS
actor. Am I wrong here? 

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It's not a bug, it's a feature.  An actor can be classified under 
multiple concepts ... It might be a bug in the ontology, e.g., it may 
not be the case that all GIS actors are both external input actors and 
output actors.   But this is definately a feature of the actor searching 
-- supporting mutliple conceptual access paths to the same actor.


Jianting Zhang wrote:
> I recently added a few GIS data display actors to the actor tree 
> (locally). It works normally when browsing the actor tree. However, when 
> I search "GIS", these three actors appear in both inputs/external/GIS 
> and outputs/GIS and so do a few other GIS actors (such as GDAL wrap and 
> projection, Grass Export). Is this possibly a bug in actor searching?
> Thanks
> Jianting
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