[kepler-dev] On Multi-outputs of Web Service actor

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Fri Aug 12 10:06:30 PDT 2005


I tested it with a web service with multiple output parts  when I  
implemented the actor 2 years ago. It was working then.  Maybe  
something has changed since then. This feature wasn't used as nobody  
actually used the actor to handle multiple outputs.

Will you create a web service with multiple outputs? We can test  it  
with it.


On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:31 AM, Jianting Zhang wrote:

> Hi, Ilkay:
> I’m not sure whether you got my mail sent yesterday. I looked into  
> Axis source codes and found that Parameters.list only contains input  
> parameters. Thus the WS actor will not be able to add multiple output  
> ports when there are multiple outputs from a WSDL operation when  
> parameters.returnParam == null i.e., _returnMode==1 . c.f. method  
> configureActor and method createPorts(Parameters params).
> I guess we didn’t find this bug because we don’t have Web services  
> that have multiple outputs so far (although the specification allows).  
> So this is not a big problem if we use Axis based WS endpoints. But we  
> may need to fix it if we really want to support WS with multi-outputs.  
> Actually this is not very difficult and here is how I find the whole  
> sets of inputs and outputs from a WSDL document.
> Jianting
> public static void getParas(SymbolTable t, Port p,Operation o) throws  
> Exception
> {
>                 BindingEntry be  
> =t.getBindingEntry(p.getBinding().getQName());
>                 Input input = o.getInput();
>                 Collection  
> inCol=input.getMessage().getOrderedParts(null);
>     Output output = o.getOutput();
>                 Collection  
> outCol=output.getMessage().getOrderedParts(null);
>                 Vector inputs=new Vector();
>                 t.getParametersFromParts(inputs,inCol,false,  
> o.getName(),be);
>                 System.out.println(inputs);
>                 Vector outputs=new Vector();
>                 t.getParametersFromParts(outputs,outCol,false,  
> o.getName(),be);
>                System.out.println(outputs);
> }
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