[kepler-dev] Re: GRASS in Kepler

Jianting Zhang jzhang at lternet.edu
Sun Oct 24 12:47:02 PDT 2004

Hi, Bertram and Ramon:

As an alternative to Chad's Web Service solution (located at 
kepler\webservice\src\org\ecoinformatics\seek\webservice\gis\grass) which 
invokes GRASS executables at the sever side, I have implemented three GIS 
actors (Convex Hull, Rasterization, Buffering) by writing interfacing codes 
with GRASS source codes and compiling them into DLLs which again are called 
in Java code. I have tested them with a variety of grid sizes from 10*10 to 
10000*10000 and they are working fine and finish in seconds in my desktop.

Although these three actors are developed primarily for SEEK Ecological 
Niche Modeling (ENM), I think the implementations are generic enough to be 
used for other purposes. We are working to integrate these actors into the 
next Kepler release. If you want to have a preview, the source codes are 
available at ftp://ftp.lternet.edu/pub/outgoing/jzhang/. I will be glad to 
have a talk with GEON people who have interests in implementing more GIS 
actors. Also from research perspective, I'm interested in spatial semantic 
issues of GIS actors. Maybe we can talk more about it during KU meeting.


Jianting Zhang
SEEK Post-doc Research Associate
LTER Network Office
University of New Mexico
Phone: 505-277-0666(Office)

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> Hi Ramon:
> I think Chad Berkeley from UCSB has put some initial Grass support
> into Kepler -- see this message:
> http://www.ecoinformatics.org/pipermail/kepler-dev/2004-February/000125.html
> Kepler folks:
> What are the Kepler/Grass plans and who would be the best person to
> follow up with on this?
> I'm optimistic that we could get additional GEON folks interested in
> Kepler with improved Grass support
> cheers
> Bertram
> PS Ramon: you (or one of your students) might want to subscribe to
> kepler-dev. A new more tested beta release of Kepler is
> forthcoming.
>>>>>> "ra" == ramon arrowsmith <ramon.arrowsmith at asu.edu> writes:
> ra>
> ra> Hello Bertram,
> ra> can you please send me more information about grass in kepler?
> ra> we have some tools we are building with grass:
> ra> http://agassiz.la.asu.edu:8080/gservlet
> ra> http://agassiz.la.asu.edu:8080/lservlet
> ra> thanks,
> ra> ramon
> ra>
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