[kepler-dev] By Species is checked in (plain text)

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Oct 21 09:58:45 PDT 2004

I just checked in the changes for filling the search panel with species 
instead of providers. And it now searches on ScientificName.

*NOTE*:  You need to start up the DataCacheViewer and delete all the 
items before running it. Or go into the data/hsql directory and delete 
all the ".dat" files.

I fixed a bug with the cache as to when it was saving the data, not all 
data was being saved.

Rod Spears
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
Tel: 785 864-4082, Fax: 785 864-5335

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