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Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Tue Oct 19 17:39:57 PDT 2004

Development report from Bing:

 - Design gwsdl for Ecogrid's put service and implemented Ecogrid's put
service for both SRB and Metacat systems.

 - Designed gwsdl for Ecogrid's Authentication service and implemented
Ecogrid's Authentication service
   for Metacat systems.

 - Developed Ecogrid clients for Ecogrid's authentication and put services.

 - Refined Ecogrid query for SRB to handle return fields.

 - Uploaded SEEK's WhyWhere (Niche Modleing) data into SRB and developed
initial version of SRB-enabled pgm_cut
   program so that it has the ability to handle online partial file data
transfer request.

 - Re-designed the Ecogrid's registry service based Matt's design doc,
Ecogrid meeting notes and Rod's original implementation.
   Implementing the new registry service


 - Review  and test (need a test system) all current Ecogrid services, have
official builds for those services, set official nodes to run Ecogrid
   services and deploy Ecogrid client package to SEEK community.

 - Write detailed help documents and user manuals for the current services
along with descriptions of Ecogrid data management
   systems such as Metacat, SRB, Digir, etc, for SEEK community.

 - Study the feasibility of adopting GSI authentication in current Ecogrid

 - Ecogrid SRB development: rustication service, anonymous query.

 - Design and Develop Ecogrid actors for Kepler

 - UI (Web based) design and implementation for existing Ecogrid services

 - Work closely with other groups to utilize the Ecogrid system such as
establishing Ontology registry and services using existing
   Ecogrid technology

 - Other goals with high priorities from Matt: LSID, etc

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Hi EcoGrid/Kepler Folks  (both developers and users)

  Can you please send me bullets that I can include into the 20 minute
presentation about the "Status of the EcoGrid" to be presented at the AHM
in Kansas.

I need information about:
    development and design done in the past year
    milestones reached in the development
    data/metadata ingested into the SEEK ecogrid
    applications that were ecogrid enabled
    user interfaces and modules developed in the past year
    user-feedback  about using ecogrid
    plans, goals, milestones for next year.
    anything else relevant to the ecorid topic.


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