[kepler-dev] new kepler wiki site

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 8 20:22:38 PST 2004


This wiki stuff rocks! 

Logging in and editing works fine (just used my SEEK LDAP login).

I just created under "For Developers"
.. a new entry for "Hot Topics"!

As a strawman, I've created the following list of "hot topics":
    * Kepler actor, workflow, dataset repository?
    * Semantic Typing and Kepler?
    * Kepler and web/soaplab/grid services?
    * Deployment of Kepler workflows?
    * Kepler and the Grid?
I haven't had a chance to create any of these pages. 
Indeed it might be a good idea to provide a more or less standard
format for them, e.g.,
-- Title/Name (of the hot topic)
-- Overview of the problem
-- Example (when applicable)
-- Specific requirements
-- Possible solutions (and trade-offs)


PS once we've converged on the Kepler wiki content, which I think we
might already have done ;-) we could think about adding some
spiffyness...  ok, one thing at a time!

>>>>> "MJ" == Matt Jones <jones at nceas.ucsb.edu> writes:
MJ> Hi,
MJ> We've had good success with Wiki systems for maintaining the SEEK web 
MJ> site, and so I have developed a new Kepler web site using the same 
MJ> technology (JspWiki).  The new site is available for testing and 
MJ> feedback here:
MJ> http://test.kepler-project.org/
MJ> I have moved all of the content from the current website to the new 
MJ> wiki, so please avoid making changes to the old web site so that we 
MJ> avoid the additional conversion tasks.  Once we are all happy with it, I 
MJ> will replace the existing web site with the new wiki version.  In order 
MJ> to make changes to the Wiki, you must have an account on our LDAP 
MJ> system.  For those of you who already have LDAP accounts for SEEK, you 
MJ> should have write access to the kepler wiki with the same username and 
MJ> password.  I'll try to get accounts created for the rest of you tomorrow.
MJ> The color scheme, menu, and toolbars are all controlled through some 
MJ> central CSS and JSP files.  Please le me know and I'll help make any 
MJ> changes here people propose, or show you where the files are.
MJ> Thanks in advance for your feedback,
MJ> Matt
MJ> P.S., there are some broken images on the Workflow Examples page -- I'll 
MJ> fix those up tomorrow.
MJ> _______________________________________________
MJ> kepler-dev mailing list
MJ> kepler-dev at ecoinformatics.org
MJ> http://www.ecoinformatics.org/mailman/listinfo/kepler-dev

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