[kepler-dev] new kepler wiki site

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 8 21:49:34 PST 2004


We've had good success with Wiki systems for maintaining the SEEK web 
site, and so I have developed a new Kepler web site using the same 
technology (JspWiki).  The new site is available for testing and 
feedback here:


I have moved all of the content from the current website to the new 
wiki, so please avoid making changes to the old web site so that we 
avoid the additional conversion tasks.  Once we are all happy with it, I 
will replace the existing web site with the new wiki version.  In order 
to make changes to the Wiki, you must have an account on our LDAP 
system.  For those of you who already have LDAP accounts for SEEK, you 
should have write access to the kepler wiki with the same username and 
password.  I'll try to get accounts created for the rest of you tomorrow.

The color scheme, menu, and toolbars are all controlled through some 
central CSS and JSP files.  Please le me know and I'll help make any 
changes here people propose, or show you where the files are.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

P.S., there are some broken images on the Workflow Examples page -- I'll 
fix those up tomorrow.

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