[kepler-dev] Re: Roadnet Kepler demo (fwd)

Dr. Kent Lindquist kent at lindquistconsulting.com
Thu Nov 4 12:58:00 PST 2004

Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

> also: I wonder whether Kent's recent orb command (to find the list of
> valid sources) is executable using the current orb actors?

Right now there are two options:

1) bring the info in through the command-line orbstat(1) call
2) Acquire the information through /pf/orbstat packets on the machines 
that are running pforbstat(1). This will require parsing the /pf/orbstat 
   packets, which are textual. I'd hate to see a hack of any sort take 
on too much weight, however, when the correct solution is to get someone 
with a fair amount of Antelope expertise to add faithful parameter-file 
parsing to com.brtt.antelope, as per Tobin's recent suggestion.

The third approach, and the true answer to Bertram's question, is that 
someone with Antelope expertise would have to add equivalents to the 
Antelope-API orbstat(3), orbsources(3), and orbclients(3) functions to 
com.brtt.antelope. That has not been done.

I'd go with option 1 for now.

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