[kepler-dev] Re: Roadnet Kepler demo (fwd)

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 4 09:37:28 PST 2004

Tobin, Kent:

My fault. I wasn't aware of the ORB actors that are already there..

sorry (I mostly used the image viewer demo .. .which seems currently

also: I wonder whether Kent's recent orb command (to find the list of
valid sources) is executable using the current orb actors?


>>>>> "TF" == Tobin Fricke <tobin at splorg.org> writes:
TF> On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Bertram Ludaescher wrote:
>> Brandon, Kent, Raja, Frank:
>> What do you think of creating native orb actors in Kepler?
TF> What do you mean by 'native orb actors'?  How are the existing orb actors
TF> not native?
TF> If you're using 'native' in the JNI / "interface to C code" way -- I don't
TF> think there's much advantage to that, since the code that would be reused
TF> is already re-implemented, and Java wrappers would have to be written
TF> anyway.
>> - through SRB (and SRB actors)
>> - through web services (and the web service actor
>> - through ssh (ssh or command line actor)
TF> Why not just connect to the Orb directly?  These seem like needless,
TF> complex levels of indirection.
TF> Tobin
TF> Rochester, NY

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