[kepler-dev] Re: Roadnet Kepler demo (fwd)

Tobin Fricke tobin at splorg.org
Thu Nov 4 08:59:45 PST 2004

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

> Who is officially owning Tobin's workflows now? I guess Brandon
> could/should look at these and get them on their feet again?

I am surprised that they're not "on their feet" straight out of the CVS.
I suspect that any problems are (1) due to Orb permissions [now respolved,
I think], or (2) the workflow didn't work in the first place [known issues
with typing, etc -- specifically in the case of ObjectToRecord].

I don't think that maintaining my workflows should be too great a
priority.  While they should all work, they all exist just to demonstrate
a particular actor or novel composition of actors.  As the actors evolve,
some of these workflows will become obsolete.  Once the set of actors
stabilises, though, the demonstration workflows should as well.

I would be a lot more interested in seeing new workflows and new actors,
such as outlined in the email I sent out a few weeks ago outlining
outstanding projects in kepler/roadnet integration.  Perhaps I should
bounce that email to kepler-dev.

I'd like to squeeze in some hacking on kepler/roadnet but so far I've been
pretty well occupied with this grad school thing. Also, my laptop died, so
I am computerless for the time being, which makes spontaneous hacking a
little less spontaneous.


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