[kepler-dev] Add depency in build.xml?

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 24 09:07:55 PST 2004


You know how much I hate duplicating code :)  It *always* comes back to 
bite us later when we have multiple copies to debug and keep 
synchronized.  So personally I would prefer to create a dependency in 
the build file that checks out and builds the code that is needed from 
the seek/projects/ecogrid module (note you don't have to checkout the 
whole module, just the ecogrid part).  You can also do a dependency 
check automatically to see if you already have it checked out in your 
build dir, and if so can skip that step.


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, everyone:
> My kepler code will need the some jar files (about 6) in lib when it 
> communicates to ecogrid service. Those jar files come from ecogrid client 
> library in seek/ecogrid project.
> Now I have a question: do I need add those jar file direclty to kepler cvs 
> or add adependency on seek/ecogrid project in build.xml(add a target in 
> kepler build.xml and this target will create those jar files then copy 
> them to kepler/lib/jar)? 
> The first one is easiest one but duplicate code. The second one doesn't 
> duplicate the codes, but make user to run kepler should checkout seek 
> module first(it is pain too).
> Any idea or suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Jing

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