[SDM-SPA] Re: [kepler-dev] RFC new directory structure

David Buttler buttler1 at llnl.gov
Thu Mar 18 13:49:07 PST 2004

Yes, it would be good to clean up the repository a little at a time.  I 
also think that changes should be done in a two step process to make 
sure nothing is broken between changes.  For example:

The first thing I would like to do (or have Xiaowen do once she gets 
write access) is to simply create a top level workflow directory and 
copy the workflows there.  Any changes that are required to point to the 
new location can be made, and only after that should the workflows be 
removed from the lib directory.

Another item high on my agenda is moving all of the edu.ncsu source into 
the org.sdm.spa package.  I don't think that this should have too much 
of an impact on others, so could be done concurrently with moving the 
workflows.  I will take a quick look to see if any other package  
depends on the ncsu source.

The next step, I would like to reform the build file to use file sets 
and rename the jars to include version numbers.  Again, this could be 
done in a two-step process where we create the new resources in parallel 
with the existing resources, and only after making sure that the new 
version works removing the old resources.

After these steps are taken care of, along with the other changes the 
rest of the team has agreed to, it should be much easier to see what 
else can be done to make the CVS repository cleaner and more manageable

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