[kepler-dev] remote display capabilities

Edward A Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 13 11:55:18 PST 2004

Servlets do this... You can construct awt.Image objects remotely
and display them locally...


At 08:39 AM 1/13/2004 -0800, Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

>Imagine you want to run Ptolemy remotely say on a supercomputer ;-)
>for better performance. What are the technical means to get the user
>interaction, displays, visualization etc back to the end user's
>"console" (e.g. Vergil).
>In the old days, things like that would have been done with X-windows
>servers and re-directing the X-display.
>Is that still a good way to do it today?
>Is there a "remote Java display" technology?
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