[kepler-dev] remote display capabilities

Christopher Hylands Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 13 08:56:52 PST 2004

I'm pretty sure Java under Solaris still uses the X Window System to
display windows.

I sometimes run Java applications on a Solaris box and display it on a
Windows box by running Hummingbird Exceed X Windows on the Windows
box.  There might be limitations with things like Java-3D over X.

If the other machine is running Windows XP, you could run Remote
Desktop Connection. 
If the other machine is running Windows XP or Windows 2000 or earlier,
you could buy PC Anywhere or possibly run terminal services.

Java applications can use RMI
and Corba and JXTA (peer-to-peer) 

In Ptolemy, we have done some work with Corba, but I'm not sure if
anyone has tried to run it lately, the code is in ptolemy/actor/corba.
There is also JXTA code in ptolemy/actor/lib/jxta.

I'm not sure if either the Corba or JXTA code is in the latest public
release, but they are in the devel tree.



    Imagine you want to run Ptolemy remotely say on a supercomputer ;-)
    for better performance. What are the technical means to get the user
    interaction, displays, visualization etc back to the end user's
    "console" (e.g. Vergil).
    In the old days, things like that would have been done with X-windows
    servers and re-directing the X-display.
    Is that still a good way to do it today?
    Is there a "remote Java display" technology?
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