[kepler-dev] problems and fixes in cvs head of ptolemy

Christopher Hylands Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 8 14:14:34 PST 2004

Strange, $CLASSPATH should work.  $CLASSPATH is handled specially,
> If a file name begins with the reference "$CLASSPATH", then when
> the file is opened for reading, the openForReading() method
> will search for the file relative to the classpath (using the
> getResource() method of the current class loader).  This will only
> work for a file that exists, and thus the openForWriting() method
> will not understand the "$CLASSPATH" string; this makes sense
> since the classpath typically has several directories, and it
> would not be obvious where to create the file.  The asURL()
> method also recognizes the "$CLASSPATH" string, but not the asFile()
> method (which is typically used when accessing a file for writing).
> NOTE: If the container of this parameter also contains a variable
> named CLASSPATH, then the value of that variable is used instead
> of the Java classpath.

I'm not sure why it would not be working unless there was a partial
merge where the version of FileParameter that predates the CLASSPATH


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    ok, I got the head of the ptolemy cvs to work with kepler. This is what 
    I did:
    -add TextAttribute.java to the makefile in 
    -remake that directory
    -change line 87 of 
    ptII/ptolemy/vergil/kernel/attributes/ImageAttribute.java to be 
    (instead of "$CLASSPATH/doc/....")
    -remake that directory.
    -change line 87 of 
    to <property name="source" 
    (again instead of "$CLASSPATH/doc....")
    hope that works for you.  if it does, maybe forward this info onto the 
    ptolemy folks.  It looks like someone just inadvertantly stuck in 
    $CLASSPATH when it should have been $PTII.
    Chad Berkley
    National Center for
    Ecological Analysis
    and Synthesis (NCEAS)
    berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
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