[Ptolemy] Re: [kepler-dev] SetBreakpoints ?

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 14 11:03:02 PST 2004

I went ahead and fixed this so that I did not have to
fill out a bug report :-)

* The Breakpoint facility now checks to see if the local director is
  an SDFDirector.
* The only two radio button choices are "before iterate"
and "after iterate".
* I added a help button that brings up a html page.

One problem is that it would be nice if the "Set Breakpoints"
menu choice was only visible or enabled when the local director 
was a SDFDirector.  

I don't see an easy way to do this because
vergil/actor/ActorController.java  does not have easy access to
the director.



    I added some text to $PTII/doc/coding/debugging.htm
    and sprinkled some FIXMEs in vergil/actor/ActorController
    and in vergil/debugger.
    We should modify ActorController so that the menu choice only comes
    up under SDF 
    Breakpoint configurer should be modified so that only the iterate
    choices are visible. 
    Elaine, can you handle these changes?  Please be careful about avoid
    introducing dependencies between vergil and SDF.  Instead of
    "foo instanceof SDFDirector", try using reflection to see
    if SDF is available.  You might want to cache the results of the
    reflection test if it slows down menu creation.
    Dan writes:
        Some more comments othere may be interested in
        From: Elaine Cheong <celaine at eecs.berkeley.edu>
        To: Dan Higgins <higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu>
        Cc: "Edward A. Lee" <eal at eecs.berkeley.edu>
        Subject: Fwd: [kepler-dev] SetBreakpoints ? (fwd)
        Hi, Dan.  "Set Breakpoints" is currently only implemented for the SDF
        domain.  It seems that only "before iterate" and "after iterate" work
        currently.  You should be able to run the model by clicking on the Run
        button.  A message will appear in the information bar at the bottom lef
        hand portion of the model window when it reaches your breakpoint.  The
        actor with the breakpoint will also be highlighted in magenta after the
        first iteration.  Click on the Run button again to continue execution.
        Some related features that you may wish to use are:
        - Debug | Listen to Director
        - Right click on actor | Listen to Actor
        - Debug | Animate Execution (set to something visible like 500 ms)
        Warning: you should save your model before running with breakpoints set
        since saving in the middle of a debugging session may not work.
        (I wrote "Set Breakpoints" a few years ago but it has not been tested o
        maintained since then).
        Elaine Cheong
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