[kepler-dev] SequenceToArray in PN

xiaowen xin2 at llnl.gov
Mon Dec 13 20:13:24 PST 2004

Hi Everyone,

Is the SequenceToArray actor meant to be used in the PN domain?  I've 
attached a workflow that demonstrates behavior that I don't understand.

A SequenceToArray actor has two ports: input and arrayLength.  It 
should package up arrayLength number of input tokens into an array and 
send that out along its output port.

In the attached workflow, I send 7, then 2 to the arrayLength port.  
However, the output consists of two array tokens both with length 7.

Can someone please explain to me why the second output isn't an array 
of length 2?

I'm using Ptolemy 4.0.1.

Thanks in advance!

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