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Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Mon Dec 13 07:29:18 PST 2004

I've been noticing the same issue regarding using the backspace key in the
data or actor tab (backspacing because you might have typed your query
incorrectly).  If there is anything selected on the canvas, it is deleted
when the backspace key is hit even though the focus is in the data or actor

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Thanks for more clearly specifying the bug.  I was able to duplicate it 
in both the actor and data search panel using the backspace, but not the 
delete key.  I wonder if this isn't a Ptolemy-interaction problem as 
opposed to a bug in the actor and data panel ... For some reason, the 
canvas is interpreting events prior to the current component focus.


Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi All,
>    Just for clarification, on a Windows machine with the head of CVS, a 
> return key triggers both the data tab search and the actor search (on 2 
> of my machines). And I also see Chad's error. If an actor on the graph 
> pane is selected and you try to seach for another actor and type a 
> backspace or return key in the actor searchbox, the selected actor 
> disappears! (Very annoying)
> Dan
> Shawn Bowers wrote:
>> > I can't remember it ever working when hitting the return key. Not
>> > saying it didn't, just implyig I think it has been broken a while.
>> Rod,
>> For the actor search, did you try using the search key?   It sounds 
>> like you are having problems, but when I try it, it seems to be 
>> working fine.
>> I added the 'enter' feature a while back, and the actor search feature 
>> was basically added right before November ... so, maybe what your 
>> referring to is the data search, which has been there longer.
>> If it is the data search you're referring to, it would be great if you 
>> could clarify the bug in bugzilla.
>> Shawn
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