[kepler-dev] jar file locations

Douglas Fils fils at iastate.edu
Wed Dec 8 21:47:25 PST 2004

    Thanks...   this evening I downloaded the latest version of kepler 
from the wiki to an XP machine I have at home and am still having issues 
using work flows that have web services in them.    As before I am using 
this workflow (Ref:
http://test.chronos.org/wsFlowv2.xml ).  I have java 1.4.2_03 installed 
to my system. 

(stack trace)
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/wsdl/Service
    at org.sdm.spa.WebService.getServiceBinding(WebService.java:841)
    at org.sdm.spa.WebService.fire(WebService.java:666)
    at ptolemy.actor.AtomicActor.iterate(AtomicActor.java:283)
    at ptolemy.actor.CompositeActor.fire(CompositeActor.java:316)
    at ptolemy.actor.Manager.iterate(Manager.java:519)
    at ptolemy.actor.Manager.execute(Manager.java:295)
    at ptolemy.actor.Manager.run(Manager.java:852)
    at ptolemy.actor.Manager$2.run(Manager.java:901)

Any tips or ideas?

take care

Efrat Jaeger wrote:

>Hi Doug,
>Welcome to Kepler-Dev!
>The windows kepler installer currently works only for Windows XP. With
>previous versions we encountered limited buffer length issues. Were you able
>to run it on an XP machine?
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>Cc: "Dan Higgins" <higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu>; "Christopher Brooks"
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>Subject: Re: [kepler-dev] jar file locations
>>    Hello, this is Doug Fils with the CHRONOS (http://www.chronos.org)
>>project and I am new to the list here. We have just started doing some
>>work with kepler and are interested in using it with our webs
>>services.    I have 2 comments for the list.
>>1) I don't know if it would be useful as it relates to your issues with
>>the jar files, but the IBM package at:
>>talks a bit about the issue of combining jar files and has some good
>>references at the bottom.  I don't know how well it addresses the
>>signing issues related to web start though.
>>2) I am still having trouble getting the versions of the kepler program
>>for windows at mac os x which recently got linked in at the new wiki
>>site to work with web services (the linux version works fine btw).  This
>>is in relation to web services work flows only.  We made a test workflow
>>at: http://test.chronos.org/wsFlowv2.xml that we have been using to test
>>the keplers installs with and seem to have issues as noted on windows
>>and mac os x.
>>thanks all!
>>I'm looking forward to digging deeper into kepler and using it more at
>>take care
>>Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>>>I think we need to clean the jars as well. I had to deal with the same
>>>problem when working on the webstart generation.
>>>It didn't break the version in august when I reduced the duplicate
>>>jars into one.
>>>Another problem I have when generating the webstart is on signing some
>>>of the jars.
>>>It looks like some jars have to keep their original signature so when
>>>I remove the originals and resign them the actors that use them break.
>>>If I don't sign them, the webstart doesn't work because all the jars
>>>need to be signed by the same signature.
>>>Does anybody have a suggestion on how to solve this?
>>>Thanks very much!
>>>On Dec 6, 2004, at 11:41 AM, Dan Higgins wrote:
>>>>   Thanks for the response. The name problem is that the actual jar
>>>>file name is repeated in different subdirectories; e.g.
>>>>"$KEPLER/soap/soap.jar" and "$KEPLER/apache/soap.jar". We are thus
>>>>ending up with duplicates (or different versions with the same name)
>>>>in the class path. Part of the problem is that we now are ending up
>>>>absurdly long classpaths! This seems to be OK on WindowsXP but causes
>>>>a problem on Win2K. Various Kepler deveopers have added the many jar
>>>>files to support their specific actors so we don;t even include the
>>>>source (or recompile) for these jars.
>>>>Christopher Brooks wrote:
>>>>>90 jars is a lot.
>>>>>I probably don't fully understand the issue, but the problem I see
>>>>>with flattening the directory structure is that it becomes difficult
>>>>>to see what jar files belong together.  This can make shipping a
>>>>>subset tricky and it can make upgrading to new releases of distributed
>>>>>packages tricky.
>>>>>I'm not sure I understand how directories and jar files can have the
>>>>>same name?  Aren't $KEPLER/lib/jar/soap and $KEPLER/lib/jar/soap.jar
>>>>>two separate names?
>>>>>BTW - How Ptolemy handles jar files is that the makefiles in each
>>>>>leaf directory build a jar file that contains the appropriate files
>>>>>and then directories that are the parent directories of leaf
>>>>>directories include the jar files in the leaf director.  For
>>>>>example, sdf/sdf.jar includes sdf/lib/lib.jar and
>>>>>I'm not sure if that would help here.
>>>>>   Hi All,
>>>>>       I have been looking into ways to simplify the Kepler
>>>>>structure in    CVS (and for distribution). One of the current
>>>>>complexities is the large    number (~90) of jar files under the
>>>>>$KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory.
>>>>>          One problem is the number of subdirectories under the
>>>>>$KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory that just contain jar files. This
>>>>>additional subdirectory structure creates the possibility of jars
>>>>>with    the same names.
>>>>>      Is there anyone who knows of a problem that will occur if we
>>>>>just    'flatten' the subdirectorys and put ALL the jar files
>>>>>directly in the    $KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory?
>>>>>      This seems to work OK (if I just use the newest version of
>>>>>some of the    repeated jars), but I don't want to break anyone's
>>>>>actors by mistake.
>>>>>      Dan
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