URGENT -- BROKEN LINKS Re: [kepler-dev] new kepler website

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Dec 7 22:10:49 PST 2004


Thanks for pointing out the broken links.  The problem has been fixed 
(the links were right, but I forgot to copy the "dist" directory to the 
new web site when I moved it, and so the links weren't pointing at 
anything.  The dist directory for adding new installers is now located 
at "/var/www/org.kepler-project.www/dist" for those of you whi might be 
adding new releases.  Sorry for the oversight.  Also, the Java Web Start 
version wasn't working (AFAIK) so I removed the link from the Wiki 
page.  If somene fixes the JWS, please add the link back to the wiki 
page.  Thanks.


Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

>Hi Matt: 
>Looks great! Simplicity rules.
>One URGENT item: I mentioned Kepler at a recent DOE meeting and people 
>were going to the (NEW) web site and noted BROKEN LINKS. 
>In particular the links on the DOWNLOAD page: 
>	http://kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Downloads
>are BROKEN.
>Maybe others too (didn't get a chance to check).
>NCEAS or other Kepler folks: 
>Since Matt might be on the road, could someone FIX the broken links?
>In principle, anyone with a Kepler Wiki account should be able to do
>some editing, but I don't know about the links to the download files
>>>>>>"MJ" == Matt Jones <jones at nceas.ucsb.edu> writes:
>MJ> After review of the test site for the last few weeks, we've finally gone 
>MJ> ahead and replaced the old Kepler web site with the new one based on a 
>MJ> wiki engine:
>MJ> http://kepler-project.org/
>MJ> Be sure to clear your cache and reload if you don't see the new site 
>MJ> when visiting this URL.
>MJ> The new site allows Kepler members to directly edit web content by 
>MJ> clicking on the 'Edit this Page' link that can be found at the bottom of 
>MJ> every page.  You will be asked to log in by selecting your institution 
>MJ> and entering your username and password.  Each Kepler project member has 
>MJ> one of these.  If your institution is not listed, then I have created 
>MJ> your login under the 'unaffiliated' institution, which is a catch all of 
>MJ> all people that are at institutions that are not in our LDAP system. 
>MJ> Follow the link on the login page to have your password reset or changed 
>MJ> if you do not know it, and contact me if you have problems.
>MJ> Editing wiki pages is a matter of learning the simple text formatting 
>MJ> rules: a summary is at the bottom of the editing page whenever you edit. 
>MJ>   Let me know if you have questions on this.
>MJ> This web site, like most others, is publicly accessible and indexed by 
>MJ> Google, so you need to treat it as the public resource that it is -- so 
>MJ> be careful to not place content on the site that you wish to remain 
>MJ> private or that you don't have rights to distribute.
>MJ> Cheers,
>MJ> Matt
>MJ> P.S. Other addresses are also aliased to this site 
>MJ> (http://www.kepler-project.org, http://kepler.ecoinformatics.org).
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