[kepler-dev] jar file locations

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 6 11:23:39 PST 2004

90 jars is a lot.

I probably don't fully understand the issue, but the problem I see
with flattening the directory structure is that it becomes difficult
to see what jar files belong together.  This can make shipping a
subset tricky and it can make upgrading to new releases of distributed
packages tricky.

I'm not sure I understand how directories and jar files can have the
same name?  Aren't $KEPLER/lib/jar/soap and $KEPLER/lib/jar/soap.jar
two separate names?

BTW - How Ptolemy handles jar files is that the makefiles in each
leaf directory build a jar file that contains the appropriate files
and then directories that are the parent directories of leaf
directories include the jar files in the leaf director.  For example, 
sdf/sdf.jar includes sdf/lib/lib.jar and sdf/kernel/kernel.jar

I'm not sure if that would help here.



    Hi All,
        I have been looking into ways to simplify the Kepler structure in 
    CVS (and for distribution). One of the current complexities is the large 
    number (~90) of jar files under the $KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory.
        One problem is the number of subdirectories under the 
    $KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory that just contain jar files. This 
    additional subdirectory structure creates the possibility of jars with 
    the same names.
    Is there anyone who knows of a problem that will occur if we just 
    'flatten' the subdirectorys and put ALL the jar files directly in the 
    $KEPLER/lib/jar/ subdirectory?
    This seems to work OK (if I just use the newest version of some of the 
    repeated jars), but I don't want to break anyone's actors by mistake.
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