[kepler-dev] Query Builder Code Review

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Aug 12 09:17:34 PDT 2004

I have put together an overview document <> to 
help with the code review.

At Ricardo's suggestion, I used the "Maven" tool to generate a source 
code listing, a cross-reference, metrics and JavaDoc 

The links in that section should be enough to do the code review. When 
looking at the metrics make sure you familiarize yourself with the 
various terms, some mean the opposite that you might think.

Also, there seems to be some varying feelings and opinions about the 
coding style for Kepler. My approach which I am sure differs from Kepler 
is as follows:

1) All method arguments start with a lowercase "a"
2) All class data members all start with "m" (unless they are final)
3) All local variables have no prefix.

It is my belief that you should always be able to look at a variable in 
the code and understand it's scope. I disagree with the approach where 
both the method arguments and the local variables have no prefix and are 
often distinguished by a "this.", which is rather verbose at times.


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