[kepler-dev] kepler-project.org

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Thu Aug 12 04:50:51 PDT 2004

Dear all:

In addition to our old home url (kepler.ecoinformatics.org), which
will probably stay around, we now also have a domain neutral new home

The DNS entries were just put in today, so if you can't "see" it yet,
wait a few more hours for the new IPs to propagate to your neck of the 
woods ;-) it already works here from San Diego ...

Thanks a million to Matt for making this happen on such short notice!
(I just grabbed the name before anyone else could. Other good ones
such as kepler.org and keplerproject.org were already taken..)

Given the wide range of domains of contributing projects
(geoinformatics, sensor network folks, cheminformatics, etc) the
domain neutral one seems preferrable.



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