[kepler-dev] diva fork

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 9 11:39:50 PDT 2004

It looks like you are in the process of forking a copy of diva?

Is there anyway we can work from the diva tree that is in the ptII

We already forked once from the primary diva tree.  The ptII diva tree
is a subset of

We split the ptII version of diva off because of development tensions
between ptII and diva.  Basically, the original author of diva wanted
to do development of diva, and ptII needed a more stable platform.

When I did the split, I did lots of code cleanup and pared away parts
of diva that ptII did not need.

It would be great if we could stick with one tree that would support
the scrollbar work you are doing as well as the current Ptolemy II


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