[kepler-dev] right-click on Mac

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 26 15:59:23 PDT 2004

We have had endless discussions about this with the net
effect that we can think of no solution that works...

If someone proposes something that works (and provides
all the needed functionality on Mac, Windows, and Linux),
we will gladly implement it.


At 08:51 AM 4/26/2004 -0700, Xiaowen Xin wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>Some of the functionality of Ptolemy II can only be enabled through
>right-clicking I believe.  For example, the context menu of an actor in
>a workflow can only be brought up through right-clicking on that actor.
>Since currently, the major customer for SPA is a Mac user and Macs have
>only one mouse button, is there a different way that he can enable that
>As far as I can tell, right-clicking can normally be emulated on Macs
>through control-clicking, but in Ptolemy II, control-clicking creates a
>new relation.
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