[kepler-dev] Kepler access request

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 15 13:37:28 PDT 2004


Sorry about the delay in processing your email: it got filtered into my 
spam box and so i did not find it for a while.  Nevertheless, we are 
happy to provide an account for accessing CVS.  I'll request it from our 
sysadmin and he'll get back to you shortly.

The grid extensions we've done so far include some basic actors for 
using GSI (GridProxy) and GridFTP, and running Grid jobs, as well as 
some initial work on a new UI for accessing data sets that are stored in 
data grids under varying metadata frameworks, mostly focused on EML.  In 
addition, we have extensions for running web services and querying UDDI 
repositories to automatically configure actors for web services 
registered in UDDI.  Its all pretty cool stuff.

Look forward to chatting with you.


> To whom it may concern,
> I was informed from the the Ptolemy-II folks that you are working on
> something similar to what we also are trying to do (using VERGIL as GRID and
> Agent services workflow application builder) for our DDEMA project. Your web
> page at http://kepler.ecoinformatics.org/index.html got me even more
> excited! 
> According to the directions at
> http://kepler.ecoinformatics.org/development.html I am kindly requesting
> read CVS access for the KEPLER tree.
> Thank you greatly,
> -john michopoulos
> =========================================
> Dr. John G. Michopoulos
> Naval Research Laboratory 
> Special Projects Group, Code 6303
> Computational Multiphysics Systems Lab
> Washington DC 20375, USA       
> tel.202.767.2189  fax.202.767.9181
> e-mail: john.michopoulos at nrl.navy.mil

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