[kepler-dev] Re: [kepler-cvs]kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Fri Apr 9 11:48:49 PDT 2004

Yes . I cross my fingers. :)

I have fixed the build right now. It was a small change
anyways. So no problem.

I'd rather move/copy/delete my files myself as I know
what has changed and also what I have to redo/reconfigure.
So please let me know if you want me to move an existing
file somewhere else. etc... I hope you don't misunderstand
that I want it this way.


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[kepler-cvs]kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory

Hi Ilkay,

I indicated in the email I sent early this week, that I would be making
this change at the end of this week (i.e. now) ... but maybe my wording
wasn't entirely clear =)

Everything does compile for me, but that could be because my directory
hierarchy and build file is a bit different from yours since I'm still
in the middle of making these changes.  I'll need a bit more time to
finish because there are a lot of changes to be made.

Yes you're right I should have waited a bit to remove those config files
from CVS.  Sorry about that ... it'll all be fixed when I check in the
rest of the changes hopefully =)  I should be done _very_ soon ... cross
your fingers =)


On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 11:14, Ilkay Altintas wrote:
> Hey Xiaowen,
> Did these changes compile for you before you checked them
> in? I have just updated the repository to see the changes
> but it looks like the changes broke the kepler build.
> I can't compile anymore.
> The problem is that my config files that you moved to the
> new configs directory is referenced by the Kepler build
> file. And the kepler build file is not updated to handle
> these changes. It's better if you are logged in to the irc
> and would let us know when you are doing this kind of changes.
> Ilkay
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> kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory
> Hi Xiaowen,
> Can you please explain why it is necessary to have a recursive hierarchy
> configs directories? Wouldn't having kepler/configs/kepler,
> kepler/configs/spa, etc.. be enough?
> Thanks,
> Efrat
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> >   kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory
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